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My Pink Garage Home Repairs - Welcome


This site features a host of videos and articles on all types of home repairs.

As you know, while your home is your castle and you may be the King or Queen, sometimes you have to get in the trenches with the paupers. Don't be surprised when the day arrives that you have to tear out insulation, deal with an electrical problem, sand a hardwood floor, or repair a drippy faucet - it just comes with the territory. While some people use such responsibilities as a reason for not wanting to own a home (there is something quite appealing in apartment dwelling when you can just call maintenance and the problem is resolved), there is nothing like walking barefoot on a lawn or picking fresh vegetables from a garden you call your own. So the pleasures of homeownership far outweigh its pains. Therefore, I invite you to watch the videos, read the articles, and dare to become the shero or hero of your own home repair story. I believe in you!

To Your Growth!

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P.S. For videos on how to perform various auto repairs, be sure to visit the parent site: My Pink Garage. You'll find a host of information on everything from transmissions and brakes to how to change your oil or install a tire. While the site was created with women in mind, all will benefit from its content.